Panels with Voltage @ TabConf 2021

Voltage had the pleasure to sponsor the event and have two team members on two different panels. We timestamped the panels so you can watch.

Panels with Voltage @ TabConf 2021

The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference was an incredible time this year. Our team was proud to be a sponsor of the event and had two of our team members sit in and add value on two panels this last weekend. (Founder - Graham Krizek and Support Engineer - Nate G) Videos will begin at the proper timestamp.

Breakdown below:

How to scale Bitcoin off-chain with Lightning

with Matt Corallo, Nifty Nei, Graham Krizek, and Alex Bosworth.

Lightning For Plebs

with Nate G, André Neves, Michael "ketominer" L, and Dread

We hope everyone had an incredible time and safe travels home. We look forward to it again next year. One big final shout out to everyone who organized. Your hard work gave us all incredible memories and more excitement for the future. Cheers.